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China Valve Market Report

China Valve Market Report
发布日期:2012.09.11 新闻来源:Shanghai East Well Smart Water Co.,Ltd.

The compound annual growth rate of sales revenue of finished valve from 2002 to 2007 reached 5.60%, which maintaining a steady growth. In 2008, the financial crisis originated in the United States sweeping the globe rapidly, it has negative impact on the the valve downstream industry investment in fixed assets. Global valve industry in 2009 revenues of $ 47.436 billion, growth rate of only 0.56%. Since 2010 to 2011, global valve industry revenues were $ 49.23 billion and $ 51.066 billion, and the growth rate back to 3.78% and 3.73%.

The pump, valve and compressor market in China has gained a growth of 25.09% in last year, reached to US$ 126 billion. Chinese pump, valve, compressor and similar machines market size has presented a rapid growth trend in the past five years. The compound annual growth rate from the year 2007 to 2011 is more than 23%.

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